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How To Contact Kevin Bolton Solicitors, Expert Accident Claim Lawyers

Please complete the Claim Assessment Form at the bottom of this page. Choose which of the Free No Obligation Services you prefer by using the pull down menu in the first box of the form. Your options include:

1. Claim Assessment

Kevin Bolton Solicitors will assess your chances of success and the amount of compensation you are likely to receive.

2. Ask A Question

Have your questions answered by a specialist solicitor online.

The more details you give the easier it is to provide you with a fuller answer, but if you prefer just complete the manadatory details and ask your question in the ask a question box (or click short form to be taken to a shorter form).

3. Call Back

Kevin Bolton or another specialist solicitor will call you to discuss your claim.

4. Locate A Local Solicitor

Kevin Bolton Solicitors will locate a specialist solicitor close to where you live and have that solicitor contact you free of charge to discuss your claim.

5. Make A Claim

A specialist accident solicitor will contact you to start your claim for compensation.

On considering the information you supply I may decide that you would benefit from discussing your claim with another specialist solicitor - with your permission I will pass on your details and have an appropriate solicitor contact you free of charge.

Claim Assessment Form

To contact Kevin Bolton Solicitors (expert lawyers in accident claims) regarding your claim simply fill in all the boxes below and click the "Click Here To Send" button.


Complete the form with as much detail as you can and click the "Click Here To Send" button.

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